strEATS does it again with a viral video

strEATS does it again with a viral video

If you didn’t know how to roll a burrito before, now you do. strEATS does it again with a viral video on TikTok with over 9.5 MILLION views, teaching the masses the fine art of rolling a burrito. Featured on LADBIBLE with 3.5 MILLION views,  and FOODBIBLE with 3 MILLION views that’s a total of over 16 MILLION views.

But strEATS is more than just burritos and viral video. strEATS food is inspired by the streets, blending flavours and delivering them in surprisingly delicious ways. With over 20 locations across Canada, strEATS prides themselves on using fresh ingredients, doing everything from slow cooking beef and pork in house, making salsa from scratch and creating their very own hot sauce. Don’t just watch them on TikTok, check out a strEATS near you.

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How to roll a burrito
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