Who we are

In 2017 a group of like-minded people got together and opened our first location in Calgary, AB.

When strEATS was conceptualized, we decided on three simple rules to live and die by.

– Provide every guest with a “blow your mind” experience

– Always ensure we do everything we can to be environmentally friendly regardless of profits

– Giving back however we can to the community and the less fortunate

As strEATS developed and evolved, we realized that our crazy creations, inspired by flavours from every corner of the world, were not that crazy after all. The reception from you, our guests, was overwhelmingly positive. Suggestions, feedback and support from our customers have inspired us to continue to push the envelope in developing inspired cuisine from streets around the world.

What we do

Here at strEATS, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients. We cook almost everything in-house and made to order, from slow cooking our beef and pork to cutting all necessary ingredients to make our famous sauces and salsas! This is anything but fast food… but our prices and swiftness in the kitchen say otherwise.


Sustainability should be our middle name. Our napkins, take-out containers and even our forks are 100% compostable. Everything else our customers touch is recyclable. We also pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality Fish for our fish Taco, which is why we only use seafood approved by the Ocean Sustainability Project (OSP).


Make sure you checkout our on-going #streats4streets food raiser. As a customer you can help us give back by donating $1.50, and in return we will help feed someone in need by ensuring they do not go to bed hungry. We focus on this initiative every 4 months in a weeklong drive to raise as many donations as possible. After this, we head out to the streets and with our local charity partners to deliver the goods.