strEATS is Coming to Marlborough: Join us for a Grand Opening!

streats marlborough

Opening Day: August 28th, 2023

Grand Opening Celebration: 11am – 3pm, September 9th

Location: 150 52 St NE #10, Calgary, AB T2A 1X1

Attention, foodies of Marlborough! We are thrilled to announce that strEATS, the ultimate destination for global street food delights, is making its grand debut in your neighborhood. Mark your calendars for August 28th, as we eagerly await to serve you a mouthwatering array of culinary adventures. Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion with a spectacular Grand Opening celebration on September 9th, filled with prizes, free food, merchandise, and an abundance of good vibes.

An Exciting New Culinary Destination:

At strEATS, we believe that food is an art, and we’re here to celebrate the diverse flavors that street food from around the world has to offer. From sizzling tacos bursting with bold flavors to signature poutines that will leave you craving more, our menu is a delightful fusion of global culinary inspirations. Whether you’re a food enthusiast seeking something new or a seasoned foodie eager to indulge in nostalgic flavors, strEATS has something special for everyone.

Opening Day: August 28th – The Big Day!

It’s official! On August 28th, we will be open to welcome the vibrant community of Marlborough to our brand-new location. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be immersed in the electrifying ambiance of strEATS, where graffiti and upbeat vibes set the stage for an extraordinary dining experience.

Grand Opening  – September 9th:

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our arrival in Marlborough than with a Grand Opening celebration on September 9th! This event promises to be a food-filled fiesta, complete with exciting activities and goodies for all attendees.

Prizes Galore:

Who doesn’t love winning prizes? At our Grand Opening, we’ll be giving away a host of incredible prizes. From gift cards to exclusive dining experiences, you’ll have a chance to win big just by being a part of this joyous occasion. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be one of our lucky winners!

Exclusive Merchandise:

Take home a piece of the strEATS experience with our exclusive merchandise. From funky t-shirts to trendy caps, our merchandise collection reflects the vibrant spirit of our restaurant. Grab your favorite items as a memento of the exciting day and wear them proudly to show your love for strEATS.

Good Vibes Guaranteed:

Above all else, the Grand Opening celebration promises to be a day filled with good vibes and positive energy. Come together with family, friends, and fellow food lovers to share in the joy of this new culinary adventure. We can’t wait to connect with the Marlborough community and become a cherished part of your dining experiences.

Marlborough, get ready for a culinary revolution like no other! strEATS is all set to open its doors on August 28th, offering an enticing menu of global street food delights that will take your taste buds on a thrilling journey. Join us on September 9th for our Grand Opening celebration, where prizes, free food, exclusive merchandise, and an abundance of good vibes await. We can’t wait to welcome you all to strEATS and create unforgettable memories together. See you there!