The Countdown Begins: Who Will Win the Streat Cred Scholarship?

We’ve come a long way in the Streat Cred Scholarship, and we’re in the final stretch now. The top 20 contestants have already earned their spots through the first round of popular votes. But here’s the deal, folks – we’ve got one more crucial round to go.

Final Round: Your Vote, Their Fate!

The top 20 contestants have been shortlisted, and now it’s up to you to help us choose who will make it to the last lap. We’re down to the wire, and these talented students are vying for your support.

Out of the top 20, only five contestants will make it to the ultimate showdown. And here’s the twist – the winner won’t be chosen by votes this time. Nope, we’re shaking things up! At the end of the month, one lucky student from the top 5 most voted videos will be selected randomly to win the Streat Cred  Scholarship.

Your Vote Still Counts

While your vote won’t solely determine the winner this time, your support is as vital as ever. Your encouragement can keep the spirits high for these fantastic students, and you’ll be a part of this inspiring journey. Our contestants need your help to make sure they get into one of the top 5 spots!

The Final Countdown Begins

The countdown to the winner’s announcement has officially started. Who will grab that $5,000 scholarship? It could be anyone from the top 5, and your previous votes played a massive role in getting them here. Now, let’s celebrate these talented individuals and their hard work.

Join the Excitement

It’s not about dollars and cents anymore; it’s about celebrating dreams and aspirations. Be a part of this exciting adventure and stay tuned to find out who the lucky recipient will be. The excitement is building, and you can be a part of it. Simply check out the top 20 contestants and vote for your favorite!

This is your chance to be a part of history in the making. Your support has already brought these students to the top, and now you can witness their journey to the finish line. Keep an eye on for the winner’s announcement at the end of the month.

Countdown to Victory

The final countdown is here, and we can’t wait to reveal the winner. Be sure to check back at the end of the month for the big reveal. Your support has been incredible, and it’s made a world of difference for these students. Join us in celebrating their hard work and determination.

Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal the end of the Month!