Introducing strEATS Coast Donair: A Flavorful Journey Inspired by East Coast Eats!


At our establishment, we’re always on the lookout for ways to tantalize your taste buds with unique and mouthwatering offerings. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest culinary masterpiece: the strEATS Coast Donair. Inspired by the rich East Coast tradition of donairs, this creation is a symphony of flavors that will transport you to the shores of the Atlantic. With spiced beef, warm naan bread, sweet sauce, garlic aioli, and a delightful topping of house-made Pico De Gallo, this is a limited-time experience you won’t want to miss. Join us on this culinary journey, available only until the end of 2023!


The Inspiration

East Coast donairs have long been celebrated for their distinctive flavors and unforgettable taste. With the strEATS Coast Donair, we’ve paid homage to this culinary tradition while adding our own unique twist. We start with spiced beef, carefully seasoned to capture the essence of East Coast donairs, ensuring that every bite is an authentic experience.

Our Flavorful Beef:

Our tender spiced beef is the heart and soul of our strEATS Coast Beef Donair. Carefully seasoned and slow-cooked to perfection, it’s a flavorful masterpiece that’s sure to delight your taste buds. Each succulent bite is a journey through layers of aromatic spices, creating a harmonious balance of heat and savory richness. Whether you’re a longtime fan of East Coast flavors or a newcomer looking for a memorable culinary experience, our tender spiced beef will leave a lasting impression, making every bite an adventure in taste.


The Naan Bread: A Warm Embrace:

To elevate the strEATS Coast Donair, we’ve chosen warm, fluffy naan bread as the vessel for this delectable creation. Its soft texture provides the perfect contrast to the flavorful spiced beef, creating a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.


The Sweet Sauce: A Taste of the East Coast:

No donair is complete without the iconic sweet sauce that defines the East Coast donair experience. Our strEATS Coast Donair features this mouthwatering sauce, drizzled generously to enhance the overall taste and provide that signature sweet and savory combination that you crave.


Garlic Aioli: A Creamy Indulgence:

To add a layer of creaminess and depth of flavor, we’ve included a delectable garlic aioli. Its rich and garlicky goodness complements the sweet sauce and spiced beef, creating a symphony of flavors that will leave your taste buds singing.


House-Made Pico De Gallo: A Fresh Twist:

Our strEATS Coast Donair takes a bold step by topping it off with our house-made Pico De Gallo. This zesty and vibrant blend of fresh ingredients adds a delightful touch of freshness and a hint of Mexican flair to this East Coast-inspired creation. Like everything else on our menu, we make a point to make things authentically inauthentic.


Available for a Limited Time:

The strEATS Coast Donair is not to be missed, but you’ll have to act fast! This delectable masterpiece is available exclusively until the end of 2023. Don’t let this opportunity slip away – savor the taste of the East Coast with a twist at our establishment today.



Elevate your dining experience with our strEATS Coast Donair, a limited-time culinary journey that brings the flavors of the East Coast to your plate. With spiced beef, warm naan bread, sweet sauce, garlic aioli, and house-made Pico De Gallo, this creation is a testament to our commitment to delivering unique and unforgettable flavors. Join us before the end of the year 2023 to experience the strEATS Coast Donair – a true masterpiece inspired by the rich tradition of East Coast Donairs!